The The Stoked Method is based on the principle of muscle confusion; One must shock the body to change the body. No two workouts are the same because no two bodies are the same. People evolve, so should their workouts. Kira's fitness philosophy is comprised of a unique combination of functional movements, resistance training and cardiovascular conditioning. She creates customized programs for each client that combine these disciplines to meet the individual goals of the client – it's all about creating YOUR best body, YOUR best life. The five pillars for success (The Stoked Method) are: Form, Function, Fun, Fatigue and Fuel


Teaching body awareness and how the body works is key to creating a safe and effective program. Form is paramount to results... without it, the work is not maximized.


Kira's workouts are carefully thought out with the end in mind. Every workout has a goal in mind. Every movement has a purpose. If Kira asks you to do something, there is a specific reason for the movement or exercise. It all adds up to the perfect workout every time.


Yes, working out can be fun. It may not be the kind of fun you'd equate with vacationing in the South of France, but Kira puts together workouts and classes that are always different, always interesting and leave you feeling fantastic.


The end goal of every workout. Fatigue builds strength which creates results both inside and out.


Providing the body with proper nutrition and rest is imperitive in order to achieve YOUR best body. Kira will help you find the nutritional formula that will bring your physique and health to the next level. The fuel you put into your body is as important as the effort you put forth during workouts.

Kira's ultimate goals with The Stoked Method are to: Inspire. Empower. Motivate. Get results.
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