Kira Stokes - Fitness Expert, Certified Personal Trainer NY is a Fitness Expert and Certified Personal Trainer in NY. For over 16 years, Kira been transforming bodies, awakening the senses, empowering individuals and transforming lives. Welcome to Kira Stokes Fitness!

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Fitness is her life and her life is fitness. Kira brings this intense passion, commitment and dedication to every moment with every client, every minute of every class she teaches! If you're ready to check out Kira's group fitness classes in NYC and Westchester County, NY:

Stoked360™, Stoked C3BarreMAX™, Ride & StokedLX™, Stoked Cross-Core™, Stoked Primal™, StokedABS™, Stoked Uptown/Midtown™ and Stoked FIT Camp™

If you’re serious about making a dramatic change in your fitness level, you have found the personal trainer in NY who will get you there. Get ready to experience the best in personal training! Kira's focus is on innovative training, concentrating on transforming the body and mind. She has developed a signature training technique, called the The Stoked Method, which combines functional and traditional methods of working the body.

Kira Stokes - Certified Personal Trainer NY, Fitness Expert

Kira Stokes is fierce. She is real. She is world-class fitness.

Kira's personal training clients have included professional athletes and celebrities. But you don't need to be either of these to take her high-intensity fitness classes in the New York City area, or to get the results you've been looking for. Let’s go... it's time to "Get Stoked!"

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