Welcome to the ultimate nutrition and wellness program from Kira Stokes and Dr. Jaime Schehr.
Meet Kira Stokes


Welcome to KSFIT Fuel, a collaboration between fitness and nutrition that prioritizes consistency, sustainability and flexibility. What you can expect from this collaboration are tools, ideas and guidance on just how to put your food and your fitness together so that you have successful outcomes.  Just as Kira preaches in her exercise practice, in diet it is the consistency that wins, yet this is the thing missing most from all the diet info out there. It doesn’t matter what you do one day but what you do most days.

Dr. Jaime and Kira believe that nutrition is a cornerstone of wellness, that to feel great and to optimize your fitness you have to fuel properly. But in today’s world understanding proper nutrition can be challenging due to all the misinformation out there. These plans are built with the expertise of Dr. Jaime to make sure that you are receiving information that is free of gimmicks, absent of diet culture and rooted in wellness.



✅ 30 Days of meal ideas

They are not meal plans, because you are not held to them exactly as they are but instead there are endless options and ideas for you to eat that are written with the goal of consistency, sustainability and flexibility. 


A non-negotiable is an agreement you make with yourself to execute daily. In your life you may have many of these and not even realize it such as floss your teeth, make your bed, brush your hair etc. We are bringing these same habits and principals to your wellness goals. 


A lateral list provides you with the tools to make quick healthy swaps in your meals. The lists are the equivalents off foods in various groups, so if a meal calls for rice but you don’t have or don’t want rice there are quick substitute ideas in your lateral list so you are never without an alternative. 


Exclusively for members of KSFF this monthly live 30 minute-1 hour will give you the opportunity to chat LIVE with Kira and Dr. Jaime all about the meals and the workouts. 


This list will take you through all the foods throughout the 30 days so you are stocked and stoked. You can use it as a guide to list what you would need to get from the store. 


By subscribing to KSFF you are invited to a private facebook group just for members of this community. Here you can share your experiences with the meals, ask questions and connect to others. 


By subscribing monthly you are creating consistency in the way you choose foods and the types of meals you build. You will become familiar with principles of successful nutrition which makes the meal decisions easier. Your lateral list of alternatives creates the flexibility of successful nutrition and most of all the community support is invaluable.

For 20 years Dr. Jaime has been working in the field of nutrition and fitness. These plans are built with the expertise of someone who knows how to fuel correctly, how to avoid gimmick nutrition and most importantly practicality it takes to be successful in this space.

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Frequently Asked

How do I know which program is right for me?
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Take our 30-second quiz here to find out which KSFIT Fuel program is right for you!

What if I fall off from the meals?
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These plans are intended for most days of the week but if you pick one day of the week that is yours for the choosing, wonderful. If you find you have deviated from the plans due to life all is not lost, just pick up where you left off.  Consistency does not mean perfection, it means practicality and flexibility which creates success.

Why do you call them meal ideas and not meal plans?
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We feel that ideas spark your own interest and creativity where plans are more prescriptive. Using these ideas you are guided to best practices but still encouraged to choose your own adventure

Why are there not prescriptive calories to the plans?
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Everybody has different nutrition needs and one size does not fit all so one calorie range would also not fit all. Both Kira and Jaime believe that proper nutrition does not mean inflexible counting and measuring but instead an awareness of your body’s hunger cues with guidance on best choices.

What if i want to change my program?
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Please email to change your program subscription.

Can I drink alcohol?
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Alcohol should be consumed in moderation and less is more. The more alcohol you have in your diet the harder it will be to hit your goals.

What can I drink besides water?
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Unsweetned herbal teas, seltzer waters, flavored water (such as hint), are best Avoid drinks with sugars and artificial sugars Adding a squeeze of citrus to water is a great way to vary the taste.

Can I drink coffee?
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Absolutely. Best practices are to avoid coffee after 2pm and never use coffee to replace your water intake. Beware of fancy coffee drinks that are loaded with sugars.

Can I drink seltzer interchangeably with water?
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Seltzer can be counted towards total water intake however it does not mean that you should avoid water all together.

When should I eat my meals?
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Depending on your schedule, it is a best practice to space your meals out by about three-four hours and remember to avoid eating before you go to sleep.  Remember to have water with you at all times and sip all day!

When should I eat What do I do if I am still hungry after I eat my meals and snacks?
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Depending on your schedule, it is a best practice to space your meals out by about three-four hours and rememFirst, make sure you are eating everything on the plan or substituting from the lateral list. Second, always bump up your veggies, still hungry start with eating more vegetables both in your meal and in your snacks. If the vegetables don't help with hunger you may need to increase protein portions. Start by increasing by 2oz in a meal.ber to avoid eating before you go to sleep.  Remember to have water with you at all times and sip all day!


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