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I want to say I am about a month into using your app. I am already fairly fit, in the beginning, your classes were tough and challenged me to use deeper muscles and focus on putting my mind to those muscles and connect with them. But now being a few weeks in, I’m already feeling stronger, and even my husband noticed some changes occurring already with my body and feeling tighter.

I love your app and won’t stop using it. It had given me some good challenges and pushed me harder, which I really need. Thank you for an incredible app for fitness and all the options and flexibility it brings. Truly amazing!

Erica M.

I joined the KSF app a few months ago and absolutely love it. I have always worked out (I’m 59 years young!) but have noticed changes like never before. I really appreciate Kira’s reminders for form, suggestions on Instagram for tapas workouts for the day and that new workouts are always being added to the app so one never gets bored. Keep up the great work!

Gladys R.

I’ve followed Kira for almost 2 years and never tried the app.
To say I have tried everything in fitness is an understatement. I’ve done CrossFit, orange theory fitness, ran half marathons, barre, Pilates, p90x, insanity, group boot camp classes, spin classes. You name it, I’ve tried it.

I’ve never been so impressed with a workout until now. I saw an article where Candace Bure was asked what about Akita’s workouts made it so good and she said, “it’s how she puts it all together." That could not ring more true after trying these workouts.

Now that gyms have opened back up in AZ, I still don’t go, I am hooked to say the least. I shared it with my mom and now she is also hooked. She is also someone who has done it all. Total fitness junkie but nonetheless she is in her 50’s and has had some surgeries. She is obsessed with these workouts. I could not be a bigger fan. I feel so good while I’m doing them, everything is burning in a great way but I’m not exacerbated to where I want to turn the video off.

So thankful to find these workouts just before my elopement in 1 month. Feeling so stoked!

Becca G.

My daughter and I have been doing your workouts from the app every day. Your cueing and form are perfect and your energy and passion help help us forget our worries. Your reminders to be grateful at the end of each workout are inspirational 💕 Thanks for your help!

Lisa T.

Kira! You have completely changed the way I view exercise and taking control of my fitness walk. I love to workout and stay active, but you have turned it around and mic dropped on the whole thing! Never have I felt this good without feeling like I’m banging my head against the wall to get a good workout in.

Thanks for sharing your brilliance with the world!

Laura V

I’ve worked out for the majority of life. For many years I was a hardcore gym rat (Gold’s Gym and others) lifting fairly heavy weights and doing split routine (back/biceps, chest/triceps & quads/hams). Over the years, as I’ve aged, I’ve slowly tweaked my workouts to incorporate yoga, barre, boot camps, barre.  When COVID-19 hit I panicked! Working out is such a major part of my life. I ran out and got some dumbbells and some bands and started looking for online options. Luckily my yoga studio quickly pivoted to online classes and I was able to continue working out from home.

Long story short, after joining some of your Monday workouts I decided to give your app a whirl. So glad I did! Your workouts are amazing! I love the simplicity of your workouts and the fact that most of the work can be done using body weight. I’m planning to continue using the app when things open up again here in California. I’m going to be 60 in December and I’m in great shape and getting better every day.

Thanks so much for your positive and uplifting attitude and amazing workouts. I would love to be selected for one of your 1:1 sections - so I better up my game! P.S. love Gary; he makes me laugh – which is the best medicine these days (and every day!).

Cheri B.

I first began in March (or April) when Candace was doing her workout with Kira live...I was hooked. That was the perfect trial run for me before purchasing this app for the second time.

Since then, I have seen such positive changes in my body that I’ve not seen even when I exercised like crazy, prior to Lyme disease. I’ve seen muscle definition, have more strength, and energy than before. I appreciate Kira’s positive attitude, energy, and beautiful outlook on life! I appreciate how, in the app, she’s fully herself!

Christi N.

When I downloaded the app for the 7-day trial, I was really just looking for a little variety, but what I found was so much more beneficial.

All of your cueing for form almost immediately reduced my pain. I learned that by not being in a class, my form had slipped something terrible.  So yes, your workouts are brutal (some more than others) and I love that, but more than anything i appreciate your coaching directed at proper form and body placement.  

Lisa K.

I officially completed Stoked in 7 Beginner, Stoked in 7, 2.0 Beginner and I finished Day 4 of Stoked in 7, 3.0 Beginner today.  

I honestly can say I am stronger when performing push-ups and tricep push-ups, improvement in balance and I lost 1 inch from my waist, chest, hips and 1/2 inch from both thighs, and this program compliments my running schedule. I really like how Kira is so positive, focuses on form/technique, promotes kindness to your body and encourages you to just move.

I’m a Physical Therapist Assistant and proper form and technique is vital to seeing results and decreasing injuries. I always say, “ Motion is Lotion”!  

Overall I am very pleased with this program and the app. I also enjoy following Kira on Instagram. She always brings a smile to my face and makes my day enjoyable!

Katherine M.




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