Kira Stokes teaching the Stoked Method
Kira Stokes with jump rope teaching the Stoked Method

Form, meet Function, meet Fun.

The Stoked Method™, two decades of science, sweat, and research in the making, is rooted in one simple principle: one must shock the body to transform the body; no two workouts are the same because no two bodies are the same; people evolve, so should their workouts.

The Stoked Method™ is the ultimate form-focused, science-backed flow of movement formula. Functional and traditional methods shape, sculpt and build lean, strong bodies. Kira’s signature training style includes strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, sports specific drills, barre, yoga and Pilates.

Kira combines all of these disciplines into her proprietary “Stoked Series” of classes: Stoked360, Stoked C3BarreMAX, Stoked MuscleUp, Stoked Primal, Stoked Shred, StokedABSolution, and her boot camp style class Stoked F.I.T. Kamp.


Teaching body awareness and how the body works is key to creating a safe and effective program. Form is paramount to results—without it, work is not maximized.


Every workout has a goal in mind to bring strength not only to how you tackle workouts but how you move through life. Every movement has a purpose. Each highly curated circuit tells a story of your body. It all adds up to the perfect workout every time.


Kira's workouts are carefully designed to push the body to new limits without making recovery brutal. Her method is designed to make sure every muscle group works together in a functional flow of movement so you get the real benefits without overtaxing the body.


Providing the body with proper nutrition and rest is key to achieving your best body. Kira will help you find the nutritional formula that will bring your physique and health to the next level.  After all, the fuel you put into your body is as important as the effort you put forth during workouts.

Kira Stokes explaining the Stoked Method to a student



Learn more about the Stoked Method from Kira herself — and why it can make such a momenumental difference in your mind & body.